Happy Friday

Once upon a time, the time period before the holidays always seemed so quiet at work. Everyone brought in food and the atmosphere was more relaxed as many folks were on vacation. But not anymore! For the past few years, things have been so hectic/crazy. I’m looking forward to my vacation in a week!

On another note, I’ve been putting some thought into to do with this blog. One of the things (e.g. products) I think I’ll bring out is things I recommend. Those who know me well know that I spend a TON of time researching pretty much anything I purchase. Like,  lenghty, painstaking, “read every review and blog” type research. The upside is that I don’t have to return many things, and I tend to get great deals on stuff. The downside is that it is sometimes very time-consuming. But I know some folks have made purchases based on my recommendations, so why not share what I’ve learned? Even if I don’t profit from it, it will at least make my time more worth it. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!