Ashes to Ashes

“For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.” ~Ecclesiastes 12:7

Lately I’ve been watching “The Walking Dead” (AMC, but watching on Netflix). This show does a phenomenal job of representing a post-apocalyptic-type world where nothing is maintained and things fall apart. Things like running water and electricity are rare, and certainly no-one is bothering to mow their grass with zombies walking around. One great example of this is the ‘Alexandria settlement‘, which is like a planned luxury community turned into a (almost) zombie-proof fortress.

But this isn’t about TWD, so much as it is about the frailty of things – including relationships. Think about the people who have crossed your path in life, through high school, maybe college, various places of employment. Some of these folks you may have considered friends. At the time, at least, they were important to you. But then the time came when you had to take a different fork in the road. Perhaps you gave a hug… a “see you later” and “we’ll keep in touch!” And maybe for a while you did. I guess mow that we have Facebook, that is a little easier. But in the past, you made a best-effort. Perhaps you dropped by, sent a card, had lunch. But the hands of time move on, and slowly you lost contact. As you became more absorbed in those newer things in your life, the people and things of the past slowly faded away.

It’s really sad, how we “lose touch” with our past, and the things that were once so important. How the “new and shiny” friendships and places give way to newer and shinier. Hopefully as you age you hold on to a few things from the past… friendships, most importantly, but places as well. Everyone should change (for the better, I hope) as they age, but they should also hold on to at least some of what led you to where you are in life.

I’m a sentimentalist… when I see old places, I think “how sad… this was once a great place”. Others might see the same place and see only opportunity.  I think it’s important to see both. Check out the video below… it’s sad to see how we let things go. For reasons unknown, these places lost their grip on people.  Perhaps they were just not profitable, or maybe something newer just captured everyone’s fascination. But looking back at the old photos vs. the current photos, people once enjoyed these places. I’m sure if you visit them now, you could almost hear the echoes of the past.


Update – the original video that accompanied this article (and kind of sparked it) was removed from YouTube for some reason. This video captures a little of the essence of what I was hitting on… enjoy.